Welcome to our Blog


We decided to start this blog to make it easy for our friends and family to keep track of us and use it as a way to record our adventures, experiences, expenses and advice. I am technology illiterate and haven’t the first idea on what a blog should look like, but I promise to make it interesting and I’m sure the girls will provide lots of laughs!

a little bit about us;

Koel and I grew up about 10 minutes away from each other, but we met properly in 2011 at the Redpa Football Club “toga night” function. I was a bright eyed 18 year old attending school in Burnie at the time, Koel was a 24 year old apprentice builder.

I will say we officially started dating in May 2012, I was then working at the Commonwealth bank in Smithton and Koel had just moved to Smithton. I bought my first house in June and Koel eventually moved in with me the following February.

We talked about travelling as neither of us had ever been overseas, and maybe caravanning. But life had different plans and on the 24th of April after just turning 20, I found out I was pregnant! A few weeks later we had our first ultrasound and were told we were expecting twins!

We were both so excited, and the year flew by. We welcomed our beautiful little girls on the 10th of December 2013.


Lila-Rae Margaret and Frankie Eva Nicholls changed our lives. Nothing could have prepared us for the whirlwind that is parenthood but four years in and so far, so good!

why are we doing this?

On the third of April 2016, Koel took the girls and I to our favourite place in the world; Greenpoint Beach. It was a horrible day but we went for a short walk and he proposed. I was so excited and started planning our wedding straight away. We set a date (30/12/2017), had our engagement party and sent out all the save the dates.

By November 2016 I was panicking. I could barely organise myself and the girls to get out of the house by 9am, how was I going to plan a wedding? And ontop of that, how were we going to pay for a wedding? Koel and I had been to Bali in July which got us both even more excited to travel, but how would we do that after paying for a wedding? Would we ever be able to build our dream house? Would we ever be able to afford to have more kids? Would we be able to give the girls all the experiences we wanted to give them? Abit dramatic? probably.

Koel and I talked about it ALOT and finally decided to can the wedding idea, instead opting to do something for ourselves. We started planning our caravan trip, bought his Dads hilux and scanned gumtree everyday and late at night for a suitable caravan.

We stumbled along the best caravan ever – what a little beauty –¬†¬†brought her, booked the boat and started the countdown.


how are we doing this?

If someone had of told me this time last year we would have enough in our savings to travel for 5 months with me working nights at the pub I would have laughed at them. But here we are and I am so thankful for the last eight months I got to spend at home with Lila-Rae and Frankie.

When we decided we were going to caravan I was still working at the bank doing four days a week, and Koel was still working as a builder. I am hopeless with money and decided that to be able to go I needed a full time job and was employed at the local abattoir. I lasted 5 weeks, and quit because it was so hard on the girls. I had done some work at the Smithton Pub so went and asked for some shifts and thats what I have done from April until now. I have saved more money than ever by working a few nights a week and cutting back on what I spent.

We decided to sell pretty much everything we owned. Our house is being rented out and we kept enough stuff for the caravan and anything else we needed is being driven up in my car later. The price to freight furniture and other big things just didn’t seem worth it.

We moved in with Koel’s parents at the end of November and are so thankful to them for letting us live with them.


our plan;

We are first heading towards Adelaide, then back tracking and will start heading towards Brisbane. Koel is flying home for a wedding at the end of March so we will need to be in Brisbane by then, when he gets back we are hoping to travel north as far as Cairns.

We don’t have any set plan for our time on the road. We have booked our first two nights in Geelong and some time in Adelaide but are pretty much just winging it. Recently we discovered that January is probably the worst time ever to start caravanning with prices nearly tripling in some parks but hopefully that just lasts for the school holidays.

We are hoping to travel until the start of May. We have friends in Wynnum who have started their own building business who Koel will go and work for. I will search for a job once we are settled.

for now:

We have heaps to do. I ended up in hospital 2 weeks ago and had my appendix removed so we lost a full week that could have been spent packing, whoops.


We have lots to pack and organise but I suppose along as we remember ourselves, the girls and the caravan we should be right.

Koel is loosing sleep and has been having nightmares that our bus is over the weight restrictions. The girls are counting down until we can go on the big boat and I am just leaving all my jobs until the last minute because I work better under pressure.

We are enjoying lots of family time and getting in as many Greenpoint swims as we can.

We leave in exactly one week and can’t wait for our adventure to begin!