~two days in~

What a massive few days. On wednesday we said goodbye to our family, friends and life as we knew it.


We boarded the spirit with two squealing girls in the back, and I have honestly never seen them so excited.

By midnight Lila-Rae still hadn’t decided if she wanted to sleep with her light on or off, after bed hopping since 9 o’clock. The 5:15am wakeup call came way to soon for all of us but we were the third off the boat and on the highway by 6:10. To say I would be happy to never go on the boat again with two kids is an understatement.

We had planned to go straight to the Werribee zoo (thanks again Morgan and Chris for the gift voucher!) but arrived in Werribee way to early so decided to stop for breakfast. We soon found out towing a caravan can be a hindrance as the whole main st was angular parking. After driving another 20 minutes we settled on a servo. After buying breakfast, a $5.70 pump bottle of water and the girls screaming the place down because they couldn’t order chips at 7:15 in the morning we back tracked to the zoo.

After cursing the caravan down the Werribee Main st, we soon changed our tune after arriving at the zoo an hour before opening. We were the first ones in the car park so pulled up in a prime park and laid down for an hour rest.

It did the trick and the girls had the best time looking at all the animals, arriving early helped us beat majority of the crowd and we were out of there by 11:30 when the lines were massive and the car park nearly full.

We drove straight from the Zoo to Geelong and checked in to Discovery Park. A mixup left us with a tent site and the receptionist freaking out because every other site was booked. Luckily our caravan is the same size as a big tent so we easily fit! We parked the van and went straight to the Geelong beach, which is absolutely beautiful. Its abit of a shock for two tasmanian’s driving around behind 20 cars all looking for one park. I was sitting in the passenger seat thinking yeah, we are definitely not in Marrawah now.

Of course after seeing all the kids jumping off platforms and dive boards Koel had to have a go. The girls and I sat and watched and in the space of 3 minutes Lila-Rae had lost her toy and then had hat fly over into the ocean. I made Koel jump the fence and get it, then a lady asked him if he realised there were jelly fish. Whoops.

We walked right along the esplanade and bought some lunch and after $40 for two lots of fish and chips, we decided it would probably be our last bought lunch. After countless “I’m tired” “My legs aren’t working” “My walking is broken” we finally made it back to the bus and zoomed back to the caravan park for a quick swim (at 5:10, mum wasn’t silly enough to get in) before tea with some friends from Tassie (thanks Ryan and Monique).


Our first night sleeping in the van was fairly uneventful. The girls refused to go to sleep until it was dark and Frankie rolled out of bed at 6 o’clock but luckily it was a nice mild night and the park is really quiet.

It did take us awhile to get moving this morning, Frankie woke Lila-Rae to early which always ends in about 2 hours of melt down. She laid on the couch and sobbed about wanting to go back to grandmas, but soon perked up once we got on the road.


Once we hit the road there was no stopping us. We drove through Torquay and stopped at one of the beaches for a quick paddle. We went from there to Bells beach, climbed all the way down the stairs and the girls decided they needed to wee! 128 stairs (yes I counted) back to the top with so many distractions and fights about who was in the lead, we finally made it back to the bottom and it was so worth it.

We drove from Bells Beach through Anglesea and stopped at Aireys inlet to look at the round the twist lighthouse. Here, like everywhere else we have been was absolute bedlam so we took some quick photos and kept moving.

We drove straight to Lorne planning to pull up on the beach and have lunch. The beach, like everywhere we have been, was just flat out so we just kept driving and we found a little park with picnic tables to pull up at, and a pier to walk out on.


After eating we decided to head back to Anglesea as this was the quietest town we had been through, but we somehow snagged a park on the Main st of Lorne and went for a paddle down the beach.

Lila-Rae loves the waves but Frankie is happier sitting on her towel picking up handfuls of sand.


We arrived back at camp at 6 o’clock and by the time we cooked tea, showered the girls and semi organised ourselves for tomorrow the day was gone.

We are having trouble with our Waeco fridge which is a pain because we are trying not to use the fridge in the caravan for short stays.

Tomorrow is meant to be 42 degrees, forecast is saying it will be 30 by 9am so we are planning to be packed and gone before then! We are heading to Savannah who is in Noorat, but may take a few detours just to utilise the aircon.

We are still pinching ourselves that this is our life, visiting multiple beaches a day and spending so much time with our girls is just the dream.

I hope this post didn’t drone on to much and it all made sense. I’m sure i’ll have lots more to tell you soon!

For now i’ll leave you with a 5 things I have learned already 🙂

1. Travelling on school holidays is hectic.

2. I should have been way more ruthless when packing the girls toys

3. Dressing the girls in different clothes means you never get stopped by people with the 100 twin questions

4. Fake tan does not also work as sunscreen

5.  If you sit outside writing your blog after the sun has gone down, you will get nailed by mozzies and you will regret it







6 thoughts on “~two days in~

  1. Belle, just fantastic to hear how things are going. What an adventure for all of you. Please keep talking about it. xxx


  2. Your blog posts are awesome Belle, enjoying reading them.
    Be good girls for mum and dad and you can have lots of sleepovers with Aunty Tatum, Jake and Drew when you arrive.


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