* hey mum? hey mum? hey mum? *

Trust me, the name of this post is fitting.

On Saturday we packed up, left Geelong and headed toward Noorat. I woke up at 6:30 so decided to beat the heat and go for a short morning walk. I learned a valuable lesson about crossing bridges and not really knowing the area, ending in me having to walk an extra 2 kilometres to the highway to be able to get back across the river and back to the caravan park.

The forecast was spot on and by 9am it was 30 degrees. The girls and I sat in the bus and left Koel to pack the caravan up before we headed out. I have never experienced heat like Saturday, at one stage we pulled over for a quick toilet stop and it was like walking out into a hair dryer. The wind was just blowing hot air straight into our faces, needless to say we were back in the car pretty quick.

We met Savva at the Camperdown Woolworths and followed her to her house just out of Noorat. Here the temperature was 42 degrees and we had no problem sitting inside infront of the aircon while she went to work. There was no way we could have done anything exciting in that heat!

By 5pm it seemed like a completely different day. The temperature dropped to about 20 degrees, the wind had also completely dropped and there was some cloud cover which we were so thankful for and took advantage of the pool next door. Miss Independent Lila-Rae now refuses to be held in the water, while Frankie is like a koala and can’t be let go.

Yesterday (Sunday) we explored some more of the Great Ocean Road. We started the day the right way with an ice-cream sundae at the Timboon Ice Creamery then headed to the Bay of Martyrs.

We went from there to the London Bridge. The girls were intrigued with the story of how the ledge connecting the bridge to the land collapsed. For the rest of the day they asked me questions about how it happened (always starting with “hey mum?” hence the title).

They decided that there were to many seagulls sitting on the ledge and they must have all flapped their wings at the same time resulting in the collapse. The ring leaders name was Kayla and apparently she is a very naughty seagull.

From London Bridge we went to my favourite place so far, Lord Ard Gorge. All the spots we had visited so far had been really quiet and easy to park and walk around. Here, it was heaps busier and they even had parking instructors!

The girls were starting to get bit over it but we managed to get them down onto the sand where they played for awhile and watched for helicopters. We didn’t get the chance to walk around the top but have planned to do that when we caravan again in retirement with no kids haha!

The next stop was the Twelve Apostles, but as we saw the crowd and after the girls temperament at the last stop, I looked at Koel and said we are not doing that. We drove straight past and Koel ran to the top of a hill and snapped a quick photo, so the Twelve Apostles have also been added to our retirement list aswell.


I have no regrets about that decision because about 10 minutes later the girls were sound asleep, and woke up just before Apollo Bay. We stopped for a quick snack, run around and then tracked back to Noorat.


We facetimed Nanny (Margo) and Grandma and Pop (Karalea and Haydn) which has made the girls abit homesick. They have both still been asking to go home which is hard but hopefully they will get used to life on the road.

Today we are heading into Warrnambool to hopefully get some answers on our fridge and have a look around. We are staying one more night with Savva in Noorat, then heading to Portland for one night and onto Mt Gambier for two nights.

We have already learned so much in the short amount of time we have been on the road. Although the girls have been struggling nothing effects their imagination and we are so lucky they have each other to play with.

They have been really good in the car, with constant “hey mum, hey mum, hey mum” questions. I snapped yesterday and told them to ask dad, which lasted for about three questions. I suppose its only fair because Koel has been doing all the driving.

For now that about covers our adventures over the last couple of days.

I will sign off with our top 5 most requested songs so far:

1. Pink- Beautiful Trauma (requested as Pink’s new song)

2. Pink- What about us (requested as Pinks old one)

3. ACDC- Thunderstruck (requested as ABCDC)

4.  Walk the Moon- Shut Up and Dance (requested as Zootopia song)

5. Macklemore + Kesha- Good Old Days



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