We’ve arrived in South Australia!

On Tuesday we packed up and said goodbye to Savannah, my sister who had just arrived and Noorat.

Koel had spent the three days at Sav’s lowering the tow ball and the van is now towing like a dream!

We drove from Noorat to Portland with a stop in Port Fairy, officially my favourite town we have visited. As we drove in a sign welcomed us that said “Welcome to Port Fairy, the worlds most liveable community”.

I looked at Koel and said “can they actually say that?” but as we drove down to the wharf I had no doubt that yep, they can actually say that.


Everything about Port Fairy was beautiful, the homes, scenery and people. It was the first place where locals have smiled or made quick conversation (we obviously look like tourists).

Lila-Rae and Frankie loved running along the bridge but spent the first ten minutes debating the gender of a dog that had walked past. Koel kept saying “what a sh*t place to live” and I was just like the paparazzi taking thousands of photos!

We arrived in Portland and stayed at the Henty Bay Beachfront Holiday Park. Our campsite was on top of a sand dune and it was about a three metre walk to the beach. It was the first park (of many) to have a jumping pillow so the girls spent the first hour running from one end to the other.


After we were set up we drove into the town to do a quick woolies and butcher mish. I was piggybacking Frankie and Koel had Lila-Rae on his shoulders as he walked into woolies, next minute I hear a bang! Of course she had cracked her head on the roof! I put Frankie down and turned to help Koel but had Frankie’s hair caught in my jacket button. What a disaster we had people looking at us like we were actually insane. We quickly did our shop and got out of there!

When we got back to camp Koel took the girls to the beach while I cooked tea/read a book. After about half an hour Lila-rae came sulking back looking at me and saying “I’m just not good at making sandcastles” with the biggest puppy dog eyes. I sat her down and told her everything she is good at, pumping her confidence back up. I asked her why she thought she wasn’t good at making sandcastles and she said “Well I buried my spade near the rocks and now I can’t find it.” Koel eventually dug it back up after calling me to see if I had any hints!


After tea we went back to the beach which resulted in the girls having a swim at 7:45pm, bed wasn’t much later.


Today (Wednesday) we drove to Mt Gambier, thankfully not far from Portland because the girls were over it before we even started. After a quick stop at the border to throw out all out fruit and veg (something we totally forgot about last night when we shopped at Woolies) we drove straight to the Blue Lake Holiday Park.

As soon as we pulled up the girls spotted the jumping pillow and pool. Here, we could pick any site in the unpowered section, so of course I chose one closest to the toilet block #mumlife.


After setting up (which Koel pretty much did on his own AGAIN while we were at the jumping pillow) we went for a quick dip in the pool. The weather here is just perfect, it reached 27 degrees this afternoon but there was still a nice breeze and by 5pm we pull out the jumpers. I love that its not hot of a night (YET) and we have all been sleeping easy at night.

After our swim we went exploring through the city. We pulled over on the street to climb up to one of the look outs at Blue Lake. I found my selfie stick so my paparazzi shots today have been on point!


After blue lake we went to library where the girls drew pictures of our dog Georgie, and Karalea and Haydn’s dogs Eddie and Krueger. Well Koel drew and they coloured them in. Outside the library is a beautiful garden and path leading down to a sinkhole so after a quick rest, we decided to explore.


We went from here to the Umpherston Sinkhole. Down inside was breathtaking but the girls got sick of it pretty quick so we climbed back up the stairs and had an ice-cream in the park.

The girls could barely keep their eyes open as we left and fell asleep pretty soon after. We drove around to kill some time and are now back at camp. The girls have gone to the jumping pillow with Koel and I’m sitting at the caravan contemplating track pants, it has cooled off so quick!

We have found that everyday gets easier on the road. Koel said today that every time he sets the van up it gets quicker. We are yet to use the awning or annex but are going to set the annex up tonight as we are staying here for two nights.

Lila-Rae is still struggling, I have figured out that she assumed living in the caravan meant driving it somewhere, parking it forever and just staying put. She is such a homebody that it makes sense she feels upset without any stability. Not once when I talked about living in the caravan did I think to explain we would be moving around a lot, maybe if I had of prepared her it would be easier but you live and learn.

Frankie is in her element. Today at the park she gave a nine year old a dressing down about standing to close to Lila-Raes toys. I quickly apologised to his mother who laughed and said he needed pulling into line- crisis averted. She has her moments when she is tired, and the first two nights in the van she fell out of bed but she is adjusting really well.

Koel and I have only had one small disagreement in navigating, and I don’t know about him but I am loving sending everyday together.

Tomorrow we will have a full day exploring Mt Gambier and with the temperature forecast at 35 degrees, we will most likely be found at the pool.

Friday we will head to Adelaide where a surprise turned non surprise is happening for Koel’s birthday which is on Monday, but I’ll write more about that next week.

Tonight I don’t really have a top 5, so I’ll leave you with the quote of the day:

“I am tired of sitting mum, I need to lie down and have a rest in the caravan”

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