1082 kilometers in two days- done

Wow. What a massive two days.

Thursday (thank goodness) we spent the day at the Mt Gambier caravan park, only heading for a quick woolies mish, having a sneaky milkshake and an unnecessary purchase of two blow up pool toys. Koel spent a hour blowing them up, by the time he was finished the pool was packed and we could barely use them!

We did our first load of washing for the trip, one week in haha. Koel’s navigation skills are unbelievable, I get confused hopping from street to street and actually have no idea what direction we are going. He genuinely puts these skills down to countless hours spent on Grand Theft Auto and learning to memorise your surroundings (insert eyeroll here).

The girls made a friend at the caravan park, after the initial melt down from Lila-Rae they all got along like they had known each other forever. She was 5 and absolutely loved the girls, even after Lila-Rae told her she couldn’t touch any of her toys. Eventually Lila-Rae relented and said “okay you’re allowed to have a little touch of my toys!”

Our meals are getting better and better, even on a plastic plate I still think they look gourmet.  I have taught the girls how to play snap and just love cuddling up on the couch with them.


Twin life ❤

Friday was not funday Friday. We packed up camp and were on the road at 7:45am. The girls were surprisingly perky and the early morning helped with a few naps throughout the day. We drove from Mt Gambier to Adelaide with only a few stops, and waited at the Airport for Joseph and Christopher.

The boys have flown over to tick an item of Koel’s bucket list, Port Lincoln shark diving. I talked to them a few months ago asking if they would be keen to fly over and surprise Koel and take him (because there is noway I’m going on that boat). The surprise bit fizzled out but I still think I am in the running for best fiancé.

Originally planning to fly from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, we realised on Wednesday the flights had actually been booked for December instead of January, so we planned a road trip. We hired a Hyundai Imax, left the hilux and caravan in long term parking, and drove as far as Port Pirie Friday night, arriving at around 11pm.


We had a few hiccups along the way. We originally stopped at a little road side pub for tea until I saw multiple tanks with snakes in them. I refused to eat there and we left, stopping at a pub in “Dublin” and having a great meal. It was soooo nice to have some veggies!


Frankie deciding what sights she would like to see next!

After a sleep in and Maccas breakfast we hit the road again and drove to Port Lincoln. We had a few stops with Koel and I sharing the driving. The girls have been absolute angels sitting in the very back of the Imax, they did have the iPad and my phone for most of the travelling Saturday but man they have done a good job.

By Port Neill, a town of 90 people, we were running low on fuel. We pulled up at the only bowser in town and spent 5 minutes trying to undo the fuel latch. 88 kilometres from Port Lincoln, nearly on empty, tensions were running high when it wouldn’t pop open.

Koel was inside asking for a screw driver to pry it open, I was on the phone to the rental company fuming they would lend us a car that is faulty, but thankfully Christopher was reading the manual. Turns out the sliding door has to be fully shut for the latch to pop open. Safety feature. Crisis avoided.

We arrived at our accomodation, booked for 6 people at the caravan park. Looked pretty good online, turns out the double bed is in the kitchen and a little makeshift wall hides two sets of bunk beds that didn’t look at all safe. We were given two towels and we realised there was only half a roll of toilet paper after reception was already closed. After a massive day travelling I wasn’t happy and planned on complaining and moving somewhere else. We decided to give it a night and if one of the bunks falls we would check out.

Turns out last night was horrible, the girls went to sleep about 2am so we are booking a hotel around the road. I’m not usually fussy with accomodation, maybe I just expect high class after living in the caravan haha!

Seems funny that we have done the most kilometres and this is my shortest blog post, but there isn’t much you can talk about when all you’re doing is driving.

My next post will be an update on the shark diving experience 🙂

I’ll leave you with the Top 5 lies I have told to the girls this trip:

1. Yes, we are nearly there!

2. The man said you had to be five – this was in Geelong when they want to go on a Ferris wheel, $32 just wasn’t in our budget!

3. The green things in your sausage is chocolate

4. We can’t fit anymore toys in the van (although this is half true)


5. Youtube isn’t working because of all the tree’s on the side of the road



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