Happy Birthday Koel!

Sunday Morning I waited outside reception to inform them we would be checking out. Here are some photos of the beds Joseph and Christopher were expected to sleep on.


We can look back and laugh now, especially after we arrived at our new accommodation at the Marina Hotel. A double story, three bedroom apartment looking straight over the Marina was just what we needed.


Above is the view from our balcony! We went for a walk around the boats and the girls and I got talking to a local retired fisherman and his granddaughter. He told me the history of the Marina and pointed out some of the boats his friends own!


This is Rita, named after the owners wife. Apparently it doesn’t get much use, but it sure looks good parked next to the hotel!

Apparently Port Lincoln has the most millionaires by population in Australia mostly due to the tuna fishing boom. Some of the houses were incredible with jetty’s leading straight down to the water and their boats parked up.

While waiting to check in to the hotel we came across a car show.

Lila-Rae and Frankie loved looking at all the old cars and spent time trying to find all the characters off their favourite movie; Cars 3

I kept telling them not to touch any of the cars so they kept their hands behind their backs to avoid temptation. Lila-Rae did whisper to me twice that she saw Joseph touching them, I had to hide my laugh!


I loved watching the dancers and the music was awesome!

After the car show we were all hungry so headed to the restaurant at the hotel.


the three kids having a milkshake after promising they would eat all their lunch!

Monday was Koel’s 31st birthday! And shark diving day.

He was wide awake at 3am ready to board the boat at 6:30am. The boat provided breakfast and lunch and all the boys were pretty impressed. They had lots of stories when they got back at about 6:15pm. They were very impressed with the $4 beers on board!



Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.58.38 am

As the boat docked the girls were so excited to hold up their sign and we could hear “Happy Birthday” being sung (mostly by Joseph).

We went out for tea for our last night in Port Lincoln, with Koel barely able to keep his eyes open.

We are currently three hours from Adelaide, and are booked in to a caravan park for the next two nights and are heading to the Hurricanes vs Strikers 20/20 tomorrow night.

The girls have already had a power nap each and watched a movie so now I need to come up with some new entertainment.

They are currently fighting over how to take deep breaths.

Wish me luck!



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