It has been awhile! Sorry for the delay of this post but we have had a massive few days.

After posting Tuesdays blog I took over the role of driving, which wasn’t that bad of a deal because I no longer had to occupy the girls. We were due to return the car at 5 o’clock, and somehow I ended up being the one driving through the city. Anyone who knows me will agree I’m probably the worst driver ever, and with Siri leading us in the complete wrong direction we ended up 23 minutes away from the rental place at 4:45pm. Christopher and Koel were on map duty, somehow Joseph was allowed the front seat and I nearly evicted him from the car multiple times. Stress levels were high but we thankfully made it at 5:04pm without a scratch on the car and still allowed to return it!

We parted ways with Christopher and Joseph here, they went off in a taxi to the city and we caught a taxi back to the airport to pick up the bus and van. We drove straight to our next caravan park- Brownhill Creek Tourist Park.

We stayed two nights on an ensuite site for $34 a night! The park had a onsite alpaca named Allen, wild koala’s in the tree’s and a pool that we pretty much lived in. The picture of the Koala was taken on Wednesday night after he nearly climbed up Koel’s leg while he was sitting in his camp chair!


Wednesday topped 35 degrees so apart from a quick Woolworths trip we stuck around the pool and got the washing done. I also managed to get the girls into a “bath” and brush their hair, the neighbours are probably still wondering what kind of torture I was inflicting!



Poor Lila-Rea eats just like her mum, getting stuff everywhere. Frankie manages to sit sideways and not spill a drop but it doesn’t matter how or where Lila-Rae sits, it ends up all over her!

Wednesday night we headed to the cricket at Adelaide Oval. To avoid the kid zone and jumping castles I walked the wrong way which ended in us entering the opposite side of the ground we needed to be. Mix that with 35 degree heat and climbing 5 levels, by the time we got to our seats I was done haha! Here is a picture of where we were sitting and circled is the gate we entered through:


The girls were so good, Lila-Rae loved cheering and clapping her hands. She started taking photos from her pretend camera, but told me she couldn’t take to many incase her battery went flat!


With it being so hot and after walking so far our water bottle was actually hot and although we had a few snacks, Koel decided to head to the kiosk for a cold drink and ice creams. 3 drinks, 4 ice creams and $38.50 later the nights budget was well and truly blown and he was contemplating standing on the side of the street with a “need work” sign!


Frankie started to get into it by the end. For two kids that generally hate noise, both times we have taken them to a stadium they have been intrigued. Unfortunately the hurricanes didn’t really come to play so we left with 5 overs to go to beat the crowd.

We headed back to the caravan and cranked our fan, all managing to have a good nights sleep on what was our hottest night so far.

Thursday we woke and packed to leave Brownhill Creek, by 11am it was already 40 degrees. We stopped at Murray Bridge Aquatic centre and spent three hours paddling, going down water slides and relaxing in the shade.

Being at the Murray Bridge pool really made me sad about how much the girls and kids their age have missed out on with not having a pool in Circular Head. I know there are kids lessons but they were sometimes hard to get to with work, and when I stopped working through the day the girls were to big and to nervous for me to take on my own.

We have been on the road just over two weeks. When we left Tassie they both hated putting their heads under and could not be let go in the water. Everyday we are amazed at how confident (maybe to confident!) they are becoming.

A highlight for us, especially Lila-Rae was the waterslides. She went down them all multiple times and absolutely loved it. Frankie showed no interest, instead running around the water spouts playing an imaginary game.



We left the pool in very high spirits, and after three hours of swimming the girls were asleep about 10 minutes into our trip. We didn’t really have any plans on where we were going. Which ended up being a blessing.

I asked Koel to stop at a servo for a $1 frozen coke and with Krispy Kreme’s also sold there, Thursday was shaping up to be the best day of our trip. How quickly things can change.

About 5 minutes down the road after leaving the servo, I turned the air conditioning back as I was abit cold (on a 45 degree day, good one Belle) and straight away it started blowing hot air. It was as if I had changed it to the heaters and after about 20 minutes of mucking around with it we had to pull over. I can’t ever remember being that hot in my life, and the girls in the back were just dripping.

We couldn’t work out if it was better or worse with the windows down, as it felt like an actual hair dryer being blown in all windows. We hooked up a fan which was just blowing around hot air but at least there was airflow.

We made the decision to drive the 50kms to Keith and stop there for a breather. The trip was absolute hell, it was 45 degrees outside but I have no idea and don’t even want to know how hot it was inside the bus. We made it though, and I got my hopes up when we found a mechanic. Unfortunately at 4:50pm no-one really wanted to know us so we instead went to the IGA to buy some icy poles and a cold drink/use their aircon.

I did get a little laugh when Lila-Rae insisted on buying a packet of biscuits I had never seen before, which was strange because the girls NEVER try new food! She was adamant she needed to have them so I asked her why, she simply told me they were shortbread. That won’t make sense to a lot of people, but my Nanna has always made the girls shortbread, and they are Lila-Rae’s favourite biscuit. Of course I let her buy them after she explained.


Sitting on the street in Keith was definitely the lowest point of the trip for me. I don’t cope with the heat at all and pretty much sat with my head in my hands! Thank goodness for Koel. He took charge and we went to the Keith hotel for tea, polishing off three bottles of iced water and staying as long as possible in their aircon.

We made the decision to drive the 185kms to Horsham, so that Koel could be on the doorstep of the Aircon shop at 8:30am.

What a trip, we arrived at the caravan park at 10:30pm last night and it was still 38 degrees. We didn’t even unhook the caravan, the girls went straight to bed and we both had a cold shower. The bugs were insane and I lay awake thinking they were crawling on my face. At 2:30am the wind finally changed and we started to feel a breeze in the van, resulting in a few hours sleep.

After arriving at the shop, Koel was told a part could be couriered from Ballarat, in hope it would arrive by 2:30 this afternoon. Thank goodness we drove last night because otherwise the part probably wouldn’t have arrived until Monday! By the time Koel got back to the caravan park, with a plan to head back when the part arrived, the girls and I were already in the pool.

By 12:30 it was 44 degrees and we were all a mess, so went to the cinemas to try and escape it. The girls thought it was a great treat and loved watching “Nut Job 2”. Koel left at 2:00 to head back to the aircon shop, and the girls and I finished watching the movie then walked 400m to the Horsham plaza.

How easy is it to kill time with kids? We walked down the toy isles at Kmart for an hour, then headed to Wendy’s for a well deserved ice-cream killing another hour. They also told me we had to go to Grandma’s (Karalea) favourite shop, Spotlight.

I got the call from Koel at 4:30 to say the bus was fixed, SWEET RELIEF.


Our Heroes

We had planned to drive to Hall’s Gap tonight but after such a massive two days, we treated ourselves to an air-conditioned cabin to recharge our batteries. We will head to Hall’s Gap tomorrow for five nights and I honestly can’t wait to just sit in one place.

I could honestly not be any prouder of our little girls. They have taken the last two days worth of drama in their stride and not complained once. Both of them are more worried about what toys they have in their bed then overheating in the car. We are just so lucky to have been blessed with such funny, loving, beautiful little girls.

I will leave you with some pictures of Lila-Rae and Frankie today. They make me laugh everyday and I’m sure you will get a smile out of these.









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