Well it’s obvious I have no chance of a career in journalism because me and deadlines just aren’t working this trip!

In saying that we have had a pretty big two days, but I suppose thats no excuse.

Sorry for the delay!

Right, down to the nitty gritty stuff. In my last blog post I mentioned we were wanting to only spend about $1000 per week. With the trip to Port Lincoln and also the troubles with the car unfortunately that has blown out abit!

After 3 weeks on the road, here is a breakdown of our spendings:

Accommodation Total: $614.60 – Weekly Average: $204.86

I am pretty happy with what we have spent on accomodation considering it is the peak season. With school going back next week I expect this number to drop next update.

We haven’t free camped at all, due mostly to the heat and wanting a pool!

Groceries: $542.15 – Weekly Average: $180.71

I was initially happy with what we have spent on groceries but when I averaged the weekly amount I realised it wasn’t much less then what we used to spend at Massey St. We have had to buy everything from scratch though eg. cereals, oil, sugar and are still working on our meal plans so hopefully next update this amount will have also dropped.

Fuel: $480.64 – Weekly Average: $160.21

Fuel is one expense that has averaged at about what we estimated. The most expensive place we bought diesel was in Adelaide at $1.49.9 and the cheapest was in Terang where we paid $1.32.

Experiences/Other: $1200.78  – Weekly Average: $400.26

This section was bumped up after our aircon episode but after seeing the figure I was horrified!

Included in this section is a one off purchase of a grinder (115.93), parking at the airport while we went to Port Lincoln ($73), the cricket ($121.75), the movies ($85.10), another power box ($98.90) and the car debacle ($379.50). We bought the girls pool toys and a few extra pairs of shorts at Kmart which added up to $83. I also bought them a little teddy  each they had wanted since we left because of how good they were on the Port Lincoln drive.

I dont even want to add up how much we have spent on afternoon Ice-cream trips, but they are totally worth it!

We are hoping next update this part of the budget will be considerably lower, fingers crossed no more car issues!

Bills: $426.80 – Weekly Average: $142.26

Wouldn’t it be awesome to come away and all the bills just stop? This figure includes our home insurance, Koel’s health and life insurance and a one off payment to AAMI for roadside assist. We are yet to pay a phone bill and have just paid the water bill for our house so I expect next update this section will be considerably more.

Food: $784.30 – Weekly Average: $261.43

What an absolute disgrace. We can’t really make any excuses for the amount we have spent on takeaway and restaurant food BUT I’m going to try! In Port Lincoln we bought breakfast, lunch and tea which added $497.05 to this total. Is that a good enough excuse? Hopefully! Again I expect this section to drop, it better or we will be beelining to Brisbane begging for jobs!

So, our total spendings for 3 weeks is (drumroll!) : $4049.27

Although it’s a lot higher then our estimate, I am not disheartened at all. We knew the first few weeks would be expensive due to the school holiday prices and Port Lincoln trip.

The total amount we spent in Port Lincoln was $833.80, including accommodation, food and fuel.

The car episode cost us $637.71 after treating ourselves a night in a cabin and other expenses we made that we wouldn’t of had to if we had aircon!

So for argument sake, if we misused those figures off the total we come in at: $2577.76. 

That figure makes me feel a lot better. I know its not the real figure but it also shows it’s possible to live on the $1000 a week.

After staying in Hall’s Gap for 5 days it also proved to us the longer we stay somewhere, the less we spend.

Although we are over budget, I am feeling positive and am pretty sure we can stay under budget in the next few weeks.

Sorry this post is lacking bit of colour! We are currently driving through Melbourne on our way to Phillip Island. We cant wait to get back to the coast but have also uncovered some hidden gems inland, which I will post about soon 🙂

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much we have spent because spending the last 3 and a half weeks all together has been better then we could have ever imagined, and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to do this with our little girls xx




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