Just a family of four setting out on a caravanning adventure.

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 Lila-Rae + Frankie 


What makes you excited about living in the caravan?

Frankie: Because it will always be a sleepover party

Lila-Rae: I get to go on the Zuma boat (Spirit of Tasmania) and sleep in the top bunk

What are you most excited to see? 

Frankie: The monkeys, all the beaches but no big waves and lots of swings

Lila-Rae: All the slides, beaches and ice-cream shops

Who will drive the bus and caravan and why?

Frankie: Daddy, because he goes the fastest

Lila-Rae: Daddy, because he watched cars 3 and is the best driver in the world

Rules of the caravan decided by Lila-Rae and Frankie :

  1. No fighting
  2. No crying
  3. Always have fun
  4. Always go on the slide
  5. No crying on the slide
  6. Always go on the swing
  7. No crying on the swing
  8. No farting in the caravan
  9. Always have dessert
  10. Always wear what you want